Microcar with a small engine for who’s fourteen. The project is developed with the study and of the chassis and mechanical parts who adapt commercial parts available on the market. The structure is in fiberglass.

This is Pasquali’s thesis at the ISIA university in Rome, Italy. In the web you can see some images about this car that is named LS1 by Lamberti, but it is not correct because this is only the Pasquali’s thesis work.

It’s a real thin chair when it’s closed ‘cause the thickness is just 18 millimeters.  The opened chair is very strong and comfortable. It’s made with wood and steel.


Pasquali developed the entire design of the led series of StudioDue 2006/2007 production.

CITYLED: Fantasy is the limit: using the single Cityled elements to create a lot of combinations, displays, screens and stage design.

NANOLED: Powerful and dynamic: in a little, compact body there’s the future lighting club.

ARCHILED: Low consumption, long duration, maintenance absence and a strong luminous yield.

The FFSS Train Station All of Alessandria Italy: Keidesign created a monumental wall like a rusty sail, so evocative to see. Measures: h 7 m x 14 m. For both sides.

“Microcar” for Gatto, PUMA AUTOMOBILI ROMA

“CITYLED - ARCHILED - NANOLED” for StudioDue srl

“XEDIA” - development project.

“ZEFIRO”  see the video.

“Vela” for RIMATECH srl


Nasce da Gian Pietro Pasquali e porta il suo carattere.

KeiDesign Kreative easy industrial design


Pasquali was contacted in 2003 by a IVECO’s branch for a “granturismo minibus”, that’s a design based on a chassis being developed. The project wasn’t finalized because of lack of funds but anyway it was a remarkable experience.