Styling and Modelling

· The markets researches to identify the car-type, the segment, the motor-type and the other details that characterize the model.

· The definition of the technical schemes about vehicle with the placement of mechanical organs, of the volumes and the surface too.

· A basic definition about the previous point of the vehicle’s body.

· The design’s elaboration and three dimensional and virtual models to define the vehicle’s form.

· The model’s construction in a reduced scale with car in order to be able to apply the necessary modification.

· Aerodynamic studies, air intakes, the vehicle’s bottom to have any sort of interferences in the motion stability.

· Models’ production on a scale 1:1.

· A control of the stylistic solutions and a full definition of a detailed car’s body.

· Other control of the aerodynamic efficiency in a wind-gallery.

Nasce da Gian Pietro Pasquali e porta il suo carattere.

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