Nasce da Gian Pietro Pasquali e porta il suo carattere.

KeiDesign Kreative easy industrial design

Mr. Gian Pietro Pasquali


“Keidesign” is an acronym of “Kreative Easy Industrial Design” and it’s going to be based in ROME’s province. This is a reality that represents the key from the beginning to the final processes of the car’s construction activity. The advanced features are the new concepts about the design and the construction’s car, in fact “Keidesign” aims  to introduce new methods in the assembly’s processes like in the production of the single components, using easy technologies and making use of the chassis’s segmentation-type of the assembly’s process.

“Keidesign”  wishes to bring forward views about a developed ambitious project like “Zefiro” that is Pasquali’s graduation thesis.

In the following pages is fixed a set of preparatory works, sketches, renderings and photographs about some works produced  by the Keidesign’s leading cars designer, Gian Pietro Pasquali.  

G. Pasquali hit the design’s spotlights when he was very young and above all when he graduated at the University “I.S.I.A” – La Sapienza- in Rome. He has been the first and only student in Italy who presented a spider-coupè sporting car like the prototype named “Zefiro” and made by himself.

Previously he had won many important scholarships and already he had taken part in the production of the interiors of a FIAT car for the Car Expo of Italy. After this, in the subsequent years, to extend his experience, G. Pasquali went to the U.K. to better oneself of study, and he collaborated with “Hawkins Design” and “LOLA” in Bedford. From this experience, G. Pasquali learned every important processes about the high-level car’s designing. After his return, he started various important collaborations with IVECO, PUMA Automobili, Automobili Lamberti Italia (racing prototypes), Scuderia Di Carmine etc… His talent has also been observed by the leading cars-designer Bizzarini, who wanted a friendship with him.

In these last years, Keidesign developed innovative designs in the expo and in the advertisement field, with Rimatech, for example  in the FFSS train Station All of Alessandria Italy. G. Pasquali created a monumental wall like a rusty sail. It’s evocative to see indeed.