Engineering and Prototyping

Nasce da Gian Pietro Pasquali e porta il suo carattere.

KeiDesign Kreative easy industrial design

 The engineering of the chassis, adapted on the car-type and developing all the definition:

 mechanical organ attachments for the carís structure

 production for the first chassis

 technical verification of the chassisí resistance and security

 production of the first carís structure stamps

 the study of the car for the production of undercuts, openings, internal panels and thickness

 final panelsí development with appropriate attachments for the chassis

 assembly for the first chassisí body for the necessary verifications

 carís interiors development

 electrical pantís development

 modelís interiors production and verifications about materials and electrical components

 interior materialsí definition and first cockpitís production

 assembly of aforementioned on chassis body group

 carís prototype production

 various technical of the car on a circuit

 study and realization of the car on an industrial level with variousí sector identification